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Welcome to Y8Page! We are so glad that you made it to our about page! Y8 Page is here to help you keep up with the latest news in video games. By the way, this website is managed by a gamer with a basement underneath the United States of America. I love playing video games, but I’m not a social recluse, I also love playing baseball with my friends and travelling to different places. By the way, this website is in no way affiliated with y8.com, a popular online flash game website. This website is about video games that are not entirely browser-reliant.

Y8 Page is the product of my love for video games. Back in the days, I would write my reviews via steam forums, gaming sites and others. I would even use free blogging websites like BlogSpot and WordPress. However, I discovered that setting up my own website will allow me to have more control over it and I decided to give it a try and that try became Y8 Page.

Y8 page will be your definitive source of gaming news and materials. Latest game reviews, upcoming titles and best of the best posts can be often found here. If you are looking for a new game to play, we have tons of reviews here to help you decide what to play next. We also have optimization tips and tricks to help those low to mid-range PC gamers achieve playable frame rates.

I hope you enjoy visiting Y8 Page and if you have any question, suggestions and concerns, you can always contact me using the contact form located at the main menu.

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