What is the Best VPS Host for Game Servers?

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We know what you are looking for.  You need a powerful VPS host for gaming but without stepping off your budget, like a dedicated server would probably do.  Power, stability, and flexibility are primordial to you.   We have made a short list of the best ones for you to try without having to reach the bank for an unnecessary debt.

Go over the details of each one as you take a look.  Always make an educated decision on this.  Note that some of the sites we share here are exclusively dedicated to gaming.   This has no effect on the quality of service each one provides though, so we don’t believe this should influence your decision.

Cheap Windows VPS

The versatility of this Windows VPS is simply awesome.  They pride themselves on having one of the fastest servers out there.  So the chances of lagging in the middle of a game are greatly reduced.  Their solid drives guarantee that they can pretty much take what you put on them.  Their 99.99% uptime guarantee is backed up by a constant monitoring, ensuring a safe contingency should anything unwanted happens.


The servers provided by EOReality are also fast and reliable.  They are backed up by over eight years of experience in VPS providing.  Their 24/7 customer support is a big plus as it is pretty accessible.  You can access the list of servers for a specific game on their extensive database.

If a game is not in their database, they will require from you to mention it and they guarantee they will get it hosted.  The service is great and comes at a rather low price.

NFO Servers

This is a game dedicated VPS provider.  The service is reliable, fast, and non-expensive.  They have the advantage of being in the game for several years-since 2001 and providing game hosting since 2002.

Their control panel is versatile and easy to operate.  It contains all the basic features that allow the user a great deal of flexibility.   Overall, the service is reliable and stable.

OVH Game Server

The servers provided by OVH Game are great for professionals.  Their anti-DDOS GAME mitigation service ensures strength and reliability for experts.  With a two-way mitigation (incoming and outgoing traffic), this server with thwart any attack before the gamer even notices it.

All of the processors are Intel i7, which means a very high frequency and no lagging or shortcomings.  This is comfortable and provides reduced latency for the players.  With the credentials, you get 500 GB of storage space, 90 operating systems available for download, control panel, API, and root access to the server.


VPSGamers offers “premium DDos-protected Windows SSD gaming plans.”  The service is pretty fast and reliable and offers a great portion of resources for gamers to use.  Plans include servers for Linux, Windows, and Bottin plans.

It is pretty worth a while to check out their fast SSD storage and the DDoS protection.  They have a great customer service and support that will even help you set up.





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