How to Secure Your Online Gaming Server?

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People can play games online with the help of the internet. A lot of web developers have started pursuing this career by creating well-designed and –engineered online games, especially multi-user online gaming (MMORPG), that even allow users to interact with their fellow players through chat or voice messages.

Now, in spite of how wonderful these new games are, when you as a developer fail to secure your server using common security measures like basic iptables, you are putting your players at risk. Information will be accessible to hackers, such as names, contact information and even financial accounts! You and the players can even get unwanted viruses like malware, Trojan, spyware and many more. Hackers can possibly access your website remotely in order for them to be able to attack other computers or acquire your important files.

If you plan to create and maintain an online game site, you have to keep in mind that your game server should be protected at all times. The best way to do that is to find a server that ensures maximum security 24/7. A server’s security ensures that only legitimate players enter your website, and lock it down to malicious users who will just impose harm, such as penetrating your database just to acquire their needed information or inflict viruses within. It is not easy but you can immediately receive assistance from a reliable server so that you can thoroughly and easily manage your game site.

On your server configuration, firewall should be present. It will serve as an extra layer of protection by keeping those important information restricted and only making those necessary areas and services accessible to your gamers. Your database and other things that must be kept will not be vulnerable to exploitation.

An intrusion protection server (IPS) should also not be forgotten. This will efficiently block harmful traffic, put into quarantine compromised hosts while routing qualified hosts on the website immediately. Firewall partnered with IPS will improve your security measures from reactive to proactive.

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Remember, these are not enough. You have to continuously update your website in order for you to efficiently control the security and prevent hackers from bugging you. Update your filters, blacklist patches and all the other things that contribute on the entire security of your website. These should be done because although firewall and IPS work well side-by-side, these might miss some other important details if you will only rely on these.

Remember, it is your responsibility to keep your gaming server safe at all times. Never be lax! It may be expensive but rewarding in the long run. Just imagine how much money you’ll lose if hackers can play your website without even paying for the necessary charges – piracy, oh yes. Consider the number of players who will leave your website because they are not secured at all. All these will boil down to financial loss and damaged credibility.

Find a good server that will thoroughly protect your website. There are several servers available online, just make sure that you check all their offered services and protection so that you can assess if these are perfect for you.


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